Friday, November 6, 2009

Maximize Your Channel Success with Effective Global Payment Systems

Timely incentive payments are critical to driving business results and improving cash flow for channel partners during these difficult economic times. Programs that fail to provide timely pay-offs can negatively impact partner satisfaction and your channel business.

But how can you develop, implement and administer global payment systems to effectively engage partners and maximize results?

The Channel Focus Community has invited Vaughn Aust, VP of Product Development at hawkeye, to share best practices and hints and tips on the most effective ways to develop a new global partner payment system, or strengthen an existing one.

DATE: 12 November 2009
TIME: 9.00 Pacific; 12.00 Eastern; 17.00 UK; 18.000 Central Europe

By attending this complementary webinar you will learn how to:
  • Cut the cost of global partner payments
  • Significantly reduce payment turnaround time
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork by simplifying tax processes, including VAT/GST invoicing
  • Build stronger relationships with partners by improving communications around payment

Friday, September 11, 2009

Measuring Incentive ROI

Measuring Incentive ROI is the holy grail of successful sales promotion campaigns. Before embarking on any sales incentive, setting meaningful benchmarks that assess the broader impact of the incentive across the entire organization is key. The issue is usually what benchmarks and methodology to consider. Two widely used methodologies are: 1. Experimentation using a control group 2. Historical data analysis on select variables before and after the incentive.

While a bit old, this published paper dives into a success story using the second methodology with some specific tactics and benchmarks to use.

Please link to our website and register for more information on Hawkeye's Reward center, which includes a Scenario module that enables ROI driven sales analysis of future promotions to be completed in real-time. Use Hawkeye Rewards to limit your financial exposure, calculate future ROI on past sales behavior and manage ongoing incentives.