Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Measuring ROI in MDF Programs

The topic of measuring ROI on channel MDF/Coop programs is one that surfaces in almost every conversation with channel clients. Inevitably, when I discuss this subject with other solution provider's like hawkeye, we start discussing how to measure and then end up spending more time discussing how to improve MDF/Coop programs.

So, because on a blog I can focus, here are 3 practical ways to measure ROI:

1. Ask – establish the metrics based on the type of activities that will be funded and ask the partner to provide results after the project has been executed. Consideration: metrics are only as good as the partner provides, so reserve the right to audit periodically and reward good behavior.

2. Data Analytics – measure sales for partners over a period of time. Compare participating and non-participating partners to eliminate environmental factors and determine the net uplift in sales for participating partners (hopefully!). This process is both an art and a science ...

3. Offer Execution – Execute the project/campaign on behalf of the partner, and utilize one of many great tools to use to close the loop, track the lead, etc.

When MDF/Coop activities are measured against clear and established metrics, then improvements can be very specific based on real success/failure.

If you would like some MDF/Coop improvement suggestions based on best practices with Fortune 100 technology clients, we have published a white paper that outlines practical guidelines to improve the impact of MDF/co-op programs.

Get it here:


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