Monday, August 9, 2010

Calling all Vendors - Social Media tactics – are you helping your partners keep up?

Social media tactics are becoming an established (not just alternative) marketing channel and partner's need help. MDF / Co-op programs are intended to fund a partner’s marketing activities where the vendor’s product/service is jointly marketed with a partner’s product/service. There is:

1. A shift in the types of marketing activities partners need to be successful
2. An increasing number of pre-packaged, time-tested and proven Social Media solutions / service’s available from suppliers

Be a hero to your partner community and offer compensation thru your MDF/Coop programs for Social Media efforts or better yet, connect your partners via your MDF/Coop program to pre-approved suppliers of Social Media services.

Suppliers can pre-package services that provide:

1. Social Media Consulting. A pre-packaged consulting service that analyzes the partner’s social media presence and builds a social media plan.
2. LinkedIn. A pre-packaged consulting service that recommends how best a partner can utilize LinkedIn for sales leads, job recruiting, brand awareness thru groups, etc. In addition, the supplier actually deliver’s on the recommendations by creating groups, delivering promotions and email campaigns through LinkedIn.
3. Twitter. A pre-packaged consulting service that trains partners on how to use Twitter to get the word out about an event or campaign. A service that implements the campaign on the partner’s behalf.
4. SEO. A pre-packaged consulting service on how to improve SEO. A service to implement those recommendations.
5. Facebook. A pre-packaged consulting service / training on how to use Facebook as another means of providing customer service.