Friday, November 18, 2011

hawkeye and Channelinsight join forces to offer smart channel programs

During these difficult economic times, a priority for our clients is the accurate measurement of performance—which requires that we be smart about spending for the best return.
Time and again our clients experience major challenges measuring channel investment because of “dirty,” fragmented and incomplete sales data being reported. Measurement and decisions require solid sales data. To this end I am especially pleased with our recently announced, strategic alliance with Channelinsight.
Channelinsight offers a number of solutions to the sales and inventory data challenges that plague so many technology vendors’ channel sales reporting. The combination of Channelinsight’s cloud based, sales management solutions and hawkeye’s channelConduit programs empower our clients to measure and take action with unprecedented confidence. Our aligned services ensure:
• Targeted partner programs are developed and managed using validated and accurate data
• Analytics driven incentives and rewards programs can be accurately assigned and measured
• Payments are accurate and secure
As 2011 is begins to wind down, our channel-savvy team at hawkeye is determined that our clients come out of the gate strong in 2012—this year more than ever. Click here to receive your free copy of our newly published whitepaper, New Economy Incentive Programs—Maximizing Value and Motivation, where we present three new best practices for developing compelling and effective channel partner programs for the new year—new economy.
I encourage you to visit to learn more about improving data accuracy and then head over to their blog at The folks at Channelinsight have some smart views—I particularly enjoyed Mark Geene’s October 13th post Making Channel Sales as Effective as Direct Sales.
We’re also currently working with our new partners at Channelinsight on a joint webinar to be presented in January. Check back soon for the announcement of the date and time.
I hope you’ll be able to join us.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't forget to sell your MDF Coop Program internally!

Your internal, channel support team can be your greatest advocate or your greatest detractor to the success of your MDF/Coop program.

Treat your program like a product and continuously tell your channel account managers and field marketing representatives what’s in it for them.  Demonstrate the value of the program in terms that resonate with them - increased sales in partners that utilize MDF.  Consider incentivizing your internal folks to evangelize the program to others - at least find a way to recognize evangelists.  Publish case studies and examples of channel folks that have found success via internal mechanisms like your HR portal. 

Keep the field updated on what’s new and useful to your field's partners as those new features, new co-marketing opportunities give your field a reason to get back in front of their customers.  And provide a range of training tools for your internal folks, from webinar's to online help.  

Ensure that communication goes both ways.  Ask for field input to measure their satisfaction in relation to the program.  Use surveys and user forums to gather feedback.  And then, listen to their input and take action.

Field evangelists help drive success!